Many feet make light work

Many feet make light work

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Sep 2, 2010

Refreshing Colour ~ Santa Barbara, CA

Round window into the kitchenette

There sat a basement apartment. But not just any basement apartment. This place had pizazz, character, and eccentricity! It even came into being under a not so usual way.
The house was already there, and yet it called out for more. So the jacks were brought out, the house was lifted up just enough, and the excavator was signed up for one of perhaps the most focus needed tasks of digging out the space. Scraping along bucket by bucket, the basement started to be given life. Over time it developed into quite the expression of ecological design, art, and home. Half of the space became an inventor's workshop, while the other half received a cob bed alcove, a cob bench with the pipes from the rocket stove running through it, keeping it toasty warm, and a little kitchenette to stay well nourished.
Looking from the kitchen to the bed alcove
Built in shelves in the alcove
Bench and Rocket Stove
(the window in the 1st photo is just above the sink)

This little hideaway took some time to develop, and was well loved over the years. Each dweller brought something new to the vision and added fresh energy to the space. When I got there, it was the beautiful Eucalyptus table that was given the honourary place at the bench. This table can be taken down and placed between the benches to create a platform for an extra bed. We also decided to apply a fresh coat of clay colour on the walls and bench. This was the last thing I got to do on this project for the season. The alizing was cut just a little short as the sirens and loud speakers announced that we were under mandatory evacuation orders as the fire from the next valley over made it's way dangerously close to our mountain neighbourhood.Thanks to my dedicated apprentice, the job got done once clearance was given to go back up the hill. Thanks Michelle!
Eucalyptus table

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