Many feet make light work

Many feet make light work

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Mar 29, 2010

OUR Ecovillage ~summer of 2008

Nestled in the quiet community of Shawnigan Lake on BC's Vancouver Island is where OUR Ecovillage can be found. Standing for One United Resource, this place was abundant in natural resources that made this community sparkle and shine.
This was home for me for six months during the summer of 2008. I couldn't have picked a better place for my homecoming back to Canada after a 4.5 years in Mexico. The land and the people welcomed me back with open arms and made me feel so comfortable. Beauty abound in this little corner of the world.
As summer took over and warmed the ground, the garden exploded in flowers, that I was excited to discover were mostly edible. Greens were popping up everywhere, and were soon followed by other delightful crops for us to enjoy over the months. Did I mention tomatoes? Wow, these have always been a favourite of mine, and I wasn't let down this season. I have never seen so many tomatoes, type of tomatoes, nor have I tasted such a tomato as these. I was addicted in an instant!
Part way through the year the garden got extended to include a fruit and nut tree orchard. The chickens were the happiest right off the bat, as this meant that their scratching ground more than quadrupled. The chickens also got some new neighbours when pigs were introduced to the family. As piglets these two were a handful, and their names (Thelma & Lewis) seemed to fit their outlawish behavior. Escape artists they sure were. OUR livestock didn't stop there, we also had sheep, and a goat, ducks, and even some turkeys.
Good times were had by all. We gathered around the fire often, held hands and spoke our gratitude for the wholesome meals, cooks, and special moments in life. We shared stories, especially Roger, and played music and sang. We celebrated birthdays with cake, and had talent shows too.

 Hey, did I mention that we also got muddy? I mean, really muddy, not just dirt between the toes, but dirt under nails, in ears, in hair, and soaked right through our clothes! Well, we sure did get muddy.

Oh yeah, and sometimes we actually built with the mud. But those are other posts. Some of the structures that had been built in past years were great inspiration for us as well as cozy little places for us to hang out. There was the Chillage, the cob oven and bench in front of the kitchen, the Yurt, the Healing Sanctuary, the Play House, and a shower.
OUR became my home for not only six months in the summer of 2008, but has remained a place I go back to visit time and again. The friendships I have made there welcome me from afar over and over again. The people and the many things I learned are always with me, no matter where I may find myself. OUR and the people there will always remain special to me and close to my heart. If it weren't for everything during that summer, I wouldn't be doing what I love most right now! Thank you everyone, for such a remarkable summer!

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