Many feet make light work

Many feet make light work

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Mar 21, 2011

Avalon Springs Plastering ~ Lake County, CA

Owen Williams plastering up high.

 Erin Condo and Owen Williams had been living out at Avalon Springs before they came to Emerald Earth at the same time that I did to be a part of the building apprenticeship. They had been working away on a number of different projects and tasks; this out-building near the gardens was one of them. The building had be constructed by a number of people, and consists of cob and straw bale walls atop an earthbag foundation.

Erin Condo plastering around the bottles.

Plastering in tight corners.
Luckily Owen had done the first coat,
touch-up was all I had to squeeze in for.
Burnishing for a smooth seal.
Erin and Owen asked if I would like to lead a work-party to get the building plastered. As plastering is one of my favourite parts of the building process, I happily agreed.
They had already done a number of plaster samples directly on the wall, which were still there when we returned to plaster. There were probably ten different tests there, only a few of them would make it to the final round. We scratched at them and knocked on them, looking for the ones with the best durability. Then we took the hose to them. As this is an exterior plaster, we wanted to make sure that we picked a plaster that would hold up well to the weather. We were left with one clear winner, and what a nice mix it was too!

The clay for the plaster came from a local hillside and was one of the nicest colours of natural clay I have ever gotten to work with. It was a beautiful orange colour that was quite light and gentle. I wish I could get some of it now.

It didn't take us long to get a rhythm down and create a nice plastering flow around the building. We plastered the entire exterior, and I then came back and cut out some of the plaster under the windows to plaster with lime later. 

The interior of the building had been nearly finished already. There were just a few spots that still needed some plaster. I was called in many months later to tackle these few areas. I found out, upon my arrival, that there were some supplies that were exhausted, and had to come up with a plan to make it look good without the yellow pigments. There was also a bit of prep that had to be done before we could start on the refined finish coat.  I set out to get the prep done the first day, then was joined by Ashley Aymond on the second day to bust out the plastering! This was also when we got the lime done under the windows and a lime wash on the earthbags.

Prep needing to be done around the bottles.
Prep done and a brown plaster applied.
We used a white plaster beside the light yellow wall.
After a long day's work, it was so nice to cross the street and slip into the hot springs that Avalon is named for! I think every building site should have either some hot springs or a hot tub. I know mine will.

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